Why it’s good to eat seasonally

As the weather changes across the globe so does the fresh produce that is available. In today’s world, it is harder to know what in season because the supermarkets stock many products all year round. There are many benefits to your body from eating seasonally and it tastes so much better too. You only have to think about how amazing a strawberry tastes in June compared to one you might eat in December. Here are some of the many benefits to eating seasonally!

1. Bursting with Flavour

Produce that have been allowed to fully ripen in the sun taste amazing! Freshly picked seasonal produce has the optimal flavour – crispy, fragrant, juicy and colourful.

2. Natural Nutrition

Plants get their nourishment from the sun and soil. Seasonal fresh produce is picked when it’s ripe and fully developed. This means that the plant has had more sun exposure and will therefore have higher levels of antioxidants.

3. You can save money

It’s simply supply and demand. When there’s an abundance of product, the prices in the supermarkets will be lower.

4. Environment

Seasonal produce can grow without too much human intervention. Many pesticides contaminate the water and soil and also our health. Seasonal food is more likely to be locally produced as well, which reduces food mileage

5. Support of Your Seasonal Needs

Seasonal produce is perfectly designed to support our health throughout the year. Apples ripen in the autumn and they help the body get rid of excess heat and cool down before winter. In the spring the abundance of leafy greens help us alkalize, detox and loose some extra pounds after a long winter of heavier foods. In the summer we need to cool down and stay hydrated by eating more fruits, berries, cucumber etc. Building a lifestyle around seasonal food facilitates the body’s natural healing process.

6. Organic/Free of Pesticides

Food grown outside its natural season or environment requires that farmers need to use need a lot more pesticides, waxes, chemicals and preservatives to help the plant grow and make the produce more appealing to us consumers. By choosing local and seasonal food, you are also more likely to get a cleaner product! Many small family farms cannot afford to go through organic certification but still follow very natural and healthy growing practices so support your local farmers market when you can.

If you are unsure about what is in season, look online, you can find charts which show what is in season month by month. Eating seasonally is of special importance to endurance athletes. The nutrients in Winter and summer seasonal produce perfectly support what we require our bodies to do whether resting or competing.

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