When should an endurance athlete shed body fat and weight?

I ran a day of metabolic testing yesterday to see how metabolically efficient a group of triathletes were. Knowing if your body is metabolically efficient at burning carbohydrate and fat as the right proportions as your exercise intensity changes is really important particularly if you compete at longer distances. One triathlete had been struggling with her weight after an injury and was now trying to lose weight as well as compete at the same time. She wasn’t having much luck shedding body fat and told me that the last event she did, she had no energy left on the run.

Sadly she’s not on her own trying to compete and lose weight at the same time. After a short conversation she understood that it was not the right time to try and do both. When you training and racing are tougher, your body needs the calories race and then to repair and rebuild your muscles and help you to recover.

For those of you coming to the end of race season, the best time to lose weight is when both your training intensity and volume are lower, in the Northern hemisphere that starts October time and you can really go for it after Christmas.If you use this approach you should be able to get to your optimal racing weight by March in time for ramping up training volume and intensity in race season.

I want to help you get to your optimal weight so I have written a report ‘7 reasons why you’re not getting leaner’.

So are you going to take action and do it whilst you have plenty of time to get it sorted?

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