New Year, new habits?

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017.
By now I expect many of you have planned which events you are going to be competing in throughout the year. Some of you may have chosen events that you competed in last year and you want to improve your personal best this year. Some of you may never have done an endurance event before and you have set yourself a new challenge. Whichever group you fit into, it is really important that you have a training plan supported by a personalised nutrition plan to make sure you can go faster for longer, recover quicker and minimise your risk of injury.
Coming out of the festive period, you may have over indulged and now have some body fat and weight to lose too. Whether you run, cycle or swim or do all 3, it’s well worth getting this sorted- less body fat means less effort is required to go at the same speed.
You may have set yourself the goal of losing 5-10kg or 5% body fat but how are you actually going to make it happen? How can you ensure that you won’t be one of the many people who fall short of their goals?
I have had great fun coaching my Performance Eating endurance athlete group his week and I have taken them through the process of setting their nutrition goals for the next 90 days. After doing this, they have then written down what actions and habits they will put in place in the next 90 days, 60 days and 30 days to make sure this goal actually happens. Some of them have chosen to share their goals which means they are now accountable for delivering their goals and the group will support and encourage them to do this.
If you don’t have a written plan broken down into daily habits combined with support and accountability, your chances of achieving your endurance event goals will drop dramatically.
If you are really serious about achieving your goals this year, as a minimum, find yourself an accountability partner. Better still contact me, I will help you put together personalised nutrition plans to support your training and events as well as support you and hold you accountable for delivering your goals.
Here’s to your best endurance year ever !
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