Do you sabotage your efforts to get leaner, lighter and faster?

Step on the scales….hooray, I’ve lost a few pounds….it’ll be OK if I have just one slice of cake won’t it? Do you recognize this pattern?


When I work with my clients I talk about the 80:20 rule. Eat the foods which nourish your body and fuel your training and racing results for 80% of the time and worry less about the 20%.


Life happens, celebrations happen, cake happens… far as we know we are only here once so we need to enjoy ourselves.


If however you’re finding that the 80% is becoming a smaller number then it’s time to take action. There are specific things you can do to get your back on track Have a pen and paper handy to make some notes.

1. Focus on the positive progress you have made.
If you’re naturally pessimistic or you aren’t getting results as quickly as you like then you may start to focus on the negative things such as you had a fizzy drink last night and forget that you have eaten really well for the week before. Patience and persistence are key. Getting to your target body fat and weight is not going to happen overnight. Think of it this way, if you’re a runner, remember when you decided you were going to run a marathon but you couldn’t even run for the bus? You put in place a plan and you ran a little further each day, then each week then each month. Some days for whatever reason you didn’t run at all but in the end you ran a full marathon. This is the same. Consistent small steps every day add up to big results over time. Longer and slower progress towards good sustainable eating habits is better for you and your body than years of yo-yo dieting. Celebrate the small wins along the way.
2. Become more disciplined ,
Weight doesn’t creep on overnight, it is usually a result of many years of poor choices; refined foods, large portion sizes etc. If you want to lose body fat and weight, you need to put in place new habits which will give you the results you want. This might be difficult at first but if you are consistent then over time it will become more natural to you. An example here might be that instead of eating a chocolate bar as a mid morning snack, could you replace it with a small handful of nuts. Notice how you feel after doing this. The chocolate bar is likely to make you feel high follow by a crash and lethargy, you will probably feel hungry too! The nuts on the other hand are more satisfying and will leave you feeling full for longer.
3. Believe that you deserve to be successful
 Deep down inside you may believe you don’t deserve to be lighter and leaner. This can be for all sorts of reasons – identify what beliefs you have in this area. Quite often your beliefs come from to our nearest and dearest….’ We like you cuddly’, ‘You’re naturally big’ ‘It’s genetic’ etc. You might be scared of losing weight because you think that maybe your friends won’t like you as much or your partner will get jealous because you have become more attractive. Whatever it is, listen to those voices in your head and try to identify where they come from. Quite often, it’s other people’s stuff projected on to you…don’t own that, be your own person and go for your goals !

I hope you have identified what might be getting in your way and stopping you from getting to your optimal body composition and weight.

I went on some training last year and they talked about being a Warrior in your life.  This means that you need to fight for what you want and deserve in life. Change is always scary but in most cases when we get to the other side of the change, we end up in a far better place.

What one thing are you going to change this week around your eating habits to make sure you get to your target body fat percentage and weight?

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on. Please feel free to share your successes and ask questions in my FB community EATING TO WIN

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