Posted: 2 Apr

 I’ve written in the past about the many benefits to an endurance athlete of being leaner and lighter. You may have tried in the past to get leaner but it just hasn’t happened. In this blog I look at 5 of the reasons why you might not have made progress and make some suggestions to help you to move things

Posted: 27 Mar

Have you put a race date in your diary for this year yet? When we decide to do an endurance event, we are setting ourselves a goal, a target to reach. It may seem daunting but doing this one small action can bring about amazing changes and personal growth.

On March 1st, I joined the Ashmei challenge and committed to

Posted: 20 Mar

You know what you should be eating to minimise your body fat and maximise your performance but it just doesn’t seem to happen !

As endurance athletes, many of us know the theory about which foods we need to be eating for performance. So why don’t we eat what we know we should?

I think that for many of us, life gets

Posted: 13 Mar

Do you know the 3 areas you need to consider when planning your race day nutrition?

You need to plan what you are going to eat and drink before, during and after your event.

Many of the endurance athletes I talk to about nutrition only focus on one of these phases; what they are going to eat during their next event.

Some have

Posted: 6 Mar

When you’re training or racing do you remember to drink or do you wait until you’ve finished?

When we exercise, our muscles produce heat and so we feel warmer. Your body wants to maintain a constant temperature of around 37-38 degrees C so to disperse the extra heat, we sweat.

During an hour of vigorous exercise an average person could expect to

Posted: 27 Feb

You may or may not have noticed that recently instead of being carb centric in their eating choices, some endurance athletes are choosing to eat in a low carb high fat way. It seems to be more common in those doing longer distance endurance events. If you’re not familiar with this way of eating and the impact that it might

Posted: 20 Feb

Do you know what your Racing weight is and why is it important if you want to improve your race results this season?

Put very simply, your racing weight is a combination of your optimal body fat % and your weight. Your racing weight should be a sweet spot for you and determine your performance at future races.

If you’re

Posted: 13 Feb

Getting leaner will be the best thing you do to go faster at your next event but did you know that if you do this by exercising harder and not eating enough, you risk losing muscle and sabotaging your training results? Let’s look at how you can avoid this common mistake.

Often when endurance athletes decide they want to get

Posted: 5 Feb

Did you know that during a 10-mile run, your feet make approximately 15,000 strikes with the ground at a force of three to four times the body's weight.
Stress fractures can happen in endurance athletes when too much pressure is placed on the same spot on a bone in the legs and feet of runners and athlete over long periods of