Posted: 3 Jun

One of the discussions I often get into when working with clients is should they eat fruit or not.

Fruit contains Fructose which is a sugar. This sugar raises your blood sugar in the same way as sucrose and glucose do which in turn causes your body to release insulin. If this sugar isn’t used by the body when you’re resting,

Posted: 30 May

There are 2 different types of fat; subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

Subcutaneous fat is stored directly below your skin and is the type you can ‘pinch’  Visceral fat is less obvious as it’s stored around the organs in the abdominal region including the liver, intestines and pancreas.

How do you know if you have visceral fat?

Well you could have an expensive

Posted: 23 May

Yesterday whilst working with a client who has lost a lot of weight recently she said “Dawn, my fundamental issue is that I love biscuits and cake in fact anything sweet even though I know it’s not doing me any favours!”

I think if we’re honest we can all relate to what she said to a greater or lesser degree. We

Posted: 16 May

When I was in the corporate world, there was a well used saying  “ You get what you measure” My personal view was that at times, too much was measured!

To make sure you stay on track so you can get leaner and lighter to go faster in your races, it’s important to choose just a few key measures and make

Posted: 9 May

Step on the scales….hooray, I’ve lost a few pounds….it’ll be OK if I have just one slice of cake won’t it? Do you recognize this pattern?

When I work with my clients I talk about the 80:20 rule. Eat the foods which nourish your body and fuel your training and racing results for 80% of the time and worry less

Posted: 17 Apr

Do you know if you're insulin sensitive or insulin resistant?

Insulin sensitive people

These are the people who are able to eat to appetite and can control their weight.  They usually eat naturally-occurring carbohydrates such as fruits and starchy vegetables and don’t have to worry about how many grams of carbohydrate they eat each day. They could still become insulin resistant if they

Posted: 11 Apr

We are led to believe that losing body fat is all about calorie counting. If you want to lose body fat then the calories you expend in your daily activities has to be more than the calories you are eating but is it really that simple?

The most up to date research shows that not surprisingly the human body is