In my early days of endurance events I was absolutely clueless about getting results through nutrition. I had no idea what to eat, when to eat it and how much I should drink. I couldn’t understand why I felt exhausted for a couple of days after any event I did. As a person with a background in Food Science and Nutrition, I have to admit, my lack of sports nutrition knowledge was embarrassing!

Over the past few years I have achieved sports nutrition specific qualifications. I love helping others with their nutrition so I have left my corporate job to do this full time. It’s absolutely brilliant seeing the difference good nutrition can make to an endurance athlete’s stamina and results.

I now want to use my knowledge and experience to help you:

  • Optimise your training, race performance and recovery through a nutrition plan which is customised for you
  • Develop an appropriate hydration strategy to support your training and racing.
  • Boost your digestive health helping to strengthen your immunity and reduce your susceptibility to colds, flu and infections
  • Understand how to eat to minimize a gastro-intestinal distress.
  • Lose weight and become leaner

You need to nourish your body for performance. Your nutrition plan is just as important as your training plan. If you put petrol instead of diesel in your car, you wouldn’t expect it to go fast for very long…. your body is no different!!!

I know you want to go faster and for longer at their next event so get in touch and I promise it will be far more fun than the boring nutrition classes we all remember from school!