A time for reflection….?

As the race season for endurance athletes draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on how the last season has gone for you. You might have already made notes after each event. If you have, that’s great and you can now follow this process to make sure you’re in great shape for next season. Spending 30 minutes to reflect, gives you the opportunity to celebrate all your successes and see how far you have come. It’s also the perfect time to plan what you want to repeat and what you will do differently next year. Get all that learning out of your head now before it gets lost & forgotten forever…!

Grab a piece of paper and pen and find a quiet space. Make plenty of notes as you go through the following questions:

Make a list of all the events you did this season.

BEFORE: For each event, reflect on the week leading up to the race. Did you taper? What did you eat in the days leading up to the event? Were you just the right race weight? What did you eat the night before? Did you sleep well the night before? Did you plan your race day nutrition? Did you plan and pack all your kit & remember everything !? What did you eat on the morning of the race?

DURING: For each event, reflect on what went well on the day? Did you get a new PB? How did your nutrition plan go? Did you feel good physically? What didn’t go so well? Were you more tired that you expected to be? Did you run out of energy? Did any of your kit let you down? What was going on in your head? Did it help or hinder you?

AFTER: How did you feel after the event? Any blisters? What did you eat ? Did you stretch? Did you have a massage? How did you feel the next day?

Once you have done this, read through everything you have written. Now ask yourself the following questions:

  • When things went well, what had I done in my training, nutrition and planning that helped make that happen?
  • When things didn’t go so well, what had I done in my training, nutrition and planning that caused that to happen?

Hopefully doing this has enabled you to see where you have positively influenced your results as well as the areas where you need to focus next season.

Finalise your next season plan by closing with the following questions:

  • Where things have gone well, what am I go to repeat and build on next year to make my results even better?
  • When things didn’t go so well, how would you deal with it next time? What might work and why? Are there different options? What might happen if…..? Are my ideas supported by theory? Do I need additional resources and expertise to help me?

Happy Reflecting…go build a great start to next season !

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