What to eat & when to eat it to stay lean and get great training & race day results

What you eat will be used by your body in a certain way depending on when you eat it. Many people think the body uses carbohydrate for energy, protein to build muscle and fat being stored making you fatter but that’s not the full story.
To get leaner, you need to get your body to use protein for repairing and growing your muscles or using the energy provided by your food immediately before it gets converted to fat. You can do this by using a method known as ‘nutrient timing’
Put simply, nutrient timing means matching your calorie intake and food macronutrients i.e. carbohydrate, protein and fat to your body’s requirement throughout the day. If you eat more calories than your body needs over the next few hours, it will be stored as body fat. If you take in too few calories for your short term requirements, your metabolism, thinking it is in starvation mode, will slow up resulting in more of the future calories being stored as fat. On top of this, it will also break down muscle tissue to make up for the energy deficit. As an endurance athlete, this is definitely not what you want to happen.
When training and racing, your energy requirements are unlikely to be consistent throughout the day. They will be much greater if you are about to do some training or immediately afterwards compared to times when you are just sat at your desk at work or driving around in your car.
If you are serious about getting leaner and lighter to get better results from your training and racing then you need to put together an eating schedule that takes into account the fluctuations in energy needs. This time of year when training volume and intensity are likely to be lower, this is even more important- no-one wants to start the new season half a stone heavier!
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